2008 Adidas KOTR 5K, 10K and 21K Results

Note: These are the results for Adidas KOTR held last October 11, 2008

Results are out!  Congratulations to all the finishers last Saturday.  How did you do?




Please feel free to download and post in your own blogs or if you prefer, to link to my blog.

Oct. 15 Update: 5K results now posted.  Thank you Mr. Rudy Biscocho!


38 responses to “2008 Adidas KOTR 5K, 10K and 21K Results

  1. no 5K results? 😦

  2. thanks for posting this! are you running this sunday?

  3. hello po, meron po yatang mga errors sa result kasi po, nauna po kasi ako sa barkada ko ng about 5-10 min., then sa results nauna pa sya sa akin ng 5 min…. hahahha ok lang naman.

    run smart!

  4. oh my god i brought dishonor to jeremy’s bib number. what an absolute shame.

  5. m8parco@yahoo.com

    DATC – Thanks for the results.

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

  6. thanks for the results… wow, my time’s pretty accurate. 🙂

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  8. Hi you are one of Bard’s pals right. I hope you don’t mind my linking this page. And congratulations!

  9. Super thanks for posting this!

  10. Bards’, sorry ha ha.

  11. DATC – Thanks! Beat my Milo 21k by 7mins. Yay! Hope the 5k results will come out soon as well.

  12. WHat a great run… I have made it to the finish line with the 21K RUN IT WAS MY FIRST run for 21k. Been running for 5k and 10k for the pass months…. Well i have made it all the way.. Thanks God..

  13. Thanks for posting this one. I’ll share it at the takbo.ph site too.

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  15. Thanks Dindo for the results, unfortunately wasn’t able to see you at the finish last KOTR, till next run…

  16. Thanks for sharing! My friends want to see the 5K results too. 😀

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  18. Thanks Dindo, sa may 5K results din. My wife and son ran the distance. Hope you can post it to. Thanks again. God bless!

  19. Lia, IvanF, Cathy, BroJ – I requested also the 5K results from Rudy Biscocho but they are still interpolating the results for the 5K females since there was some problem with the timer for that lane. He said he would send it when he’s done.

    Wilbert, I’ll probably join Yabang Pinoy on saturday. How about you?

    Marga, 53 minutes is quite a respectable time

    Mark & Tiffin, congratulations to both of you, pareho palang PR!

    Charles, you’re welcome!

    Roselle & Gerardine, congratulations on your first 21k!

    Chito, hope to meet you next time!

  20. finished 1,412 hehehe thanks dindo!

    Halos pareho na ang 10k at 21k times mo 🙂

  21. DATC, I will be running on Sunday. May volleyball game kasi ako ng Saturday.

  22. no dinds ang nakarecord dyan is 1:24 kasi nga i was 30 mins late!

  23. thanks!

    the clock time and the time on the garmin i was wearing were the same when i crossed the finish line. however, the time recorded was 2 minutes later. 😦 oh well.

  24. workaholicrunner

    Magaling ang takbo mo. Malaki ang nabawas mo sa dating time mo. Puwede ka na sa marathon.

  25. thanks. why is it that the clock read 28:56 when i crossed the finish line, but the official time in the results is 29:32?
    nice meeting you at the KOTR. hope to see you in the future races

    According to Mr. Biscocho, they experienced some problem with the timer for the women’s 5k so they had to interpolate the data, he admitted there may be some inaccuracies. If I were you, I’d stick to 28:56 🙂

  26. ive wondered about too, meron finish line pic
    ako showing my time (same as my wrist timer)
    pero paglabas ng official results ibang finish time ko.

    i think they have a paper tape of finish times,
    and another bunch of race bib tabs collected and sequenced at the finish line… then i guess
    its just “best-effort” to match those two, the
    finish times and the race bib numbers, after the

    domino effect na yon pag may na-miss na isa,
    or otherwise a mismatch. pano kung hindi lang

  27. Wow! Superbilis mo namang makakuha ng results. Thanks, Dindo.

    I’m no. 350 out of the 1,315 5k runners and ranked 56th among the female runners.

    As for the official time being different from our actual time, I had worse experience during the Milo Race where my official time was 1 hr +, almost double my actual race time.

  28. thanks for posting! hehehe pang1119 ako. hehehe. not bad for a first timer. ehehehe kaso nakalagay male ako. hindi po ako bading! babae po ako! hahaha. I just have to avail the male singlet para makasali. Nagkaubusan na ng pang female.

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  30. hi! were there some problems in the 5k results? there are people who ran, finished the race and exited the right 5k lane but names were not listed in the results. just asking. thanks.

  31. Its kinda late to have a comment but I guess for some runners it was awful. The water at the finish line I think was not that good for runners with a weak stomach. Like me, I ended up with some spasms and stomach aches.

    Anyway this was my first time to run and I’m so proud of my results. 5K in 26:24

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  33. This is odd, is this the final list> I can’t find my name and number in the 5k list. Any advise what should I do about it? Hindi pa naman ako nag-time ng sarili ko hoping they will be tracking everything. Nagalit kaya sila since I wore Nike from head to foot? (:

  34. Hi. Thanks for posting. PERO WALA po ung name ko sa List. I run 5K and registered last Oct 18 sa Expo. Race Bib No. 8806.

    Patulong nmn po. pano ko makukuha ung official result ko. Newbie runner lang po kasi 2nd race ko pa lang ito and very dependend lang ako sa official result.

    Hay! nakaka stress nmn itong first Adidas KOTR run ko.

  35. Ito na ba lahat ng result for 5k runners? Parang ang konti yata. Wala ung name ko at names ng lahat ng kaibigan kong kasama sa race! Waaaaahhhh…pahirapan na nga sa pagkuha ng singlet pati sa results palpak pa rin!

  36. hi! i can’t seem to find my name on the 5k results nor my boyfriend 😦

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