Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Since Sunday, I had been contemplating whether to post a report about the Condura race at all. It was of course very well organized and one of the best races I’ve joined, and the organizers deserve all our congratulations. However, it was also quite a disappointing performance for me. I had written up several drafts and I wasn’t happy with what I wrote since I couldn’t quite express how I felt about my run. Then I read Javy’s Falling Short post and I decided finally to share my own story.

I had hoped to equal or surpass my previous half marathon PR but things did not fall into place this time. I can only blame myself for the things I did and did not do prior to the race: I should have stretched more to avoid the tight hamstrings, I should have put in more miles on the road to build endurance, I shouldn’t have eaten that huge meal the night before the race that made me feel bloated and heavy that morning. In my eagerness to hit a PR, I didn’t pace myself properly and I found myself walking a lot during the last 10K. I also suffered a side stitch that wouldn’t go away for most of the run. I was helpless as I watched runner after runner go past me.

I checked my log when I got home and I confirmed my suspicion that the past few months, I ran some of my long runs faster than my race that morning, including my last long run the previous week where I completed 21k 6 minutes faster.

Running, like life, will have its ups and downs. We just figure out the lessons to be learned and try to avoid making the same mistakes. We move on and try to forget the disappointments. After all, there will be many other races to run, other opportunities for redemption.

10K First Timers Vince and Moyzee

10K First Timers Vince and Moyzee: Congratulations!

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TBR launches TBR magazine

With the Main Man Patrick Concepcion

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Chito the Sunday Warrior


13 responses to “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

  1. Hi Dindo,

    I have a request, could you please post one of those histograms/distribution curves and histograms for this Condura event? We have a lot of runners so we have a big sample. This way we could see if we’re ahead, at, or behind the midpack. Thanks!

  2. running is a way of life (quotes from Pat Concepcion) … you learn from your mistakes and move on 🙂 this will keep you running and make you a better runner.

  3. don’t despair dindo. like you, i have my bad days and my milo42 last year which i did with jay is the bad dream that wouldn’t just go away.all my training and runs since then,bataan 102 included,are all geared for milo42 come july.lintik lang ang walang ganti.redemption will come for you.

  4. sucks di ba but you can always use bad races to fuel you during your training runs. the good things was your injury didnt act up and you can continue training!

  5. hey but despite of all that happened to you during the race, you still did get to finish. plan B accomplished! 😀

  6. Dindo – I remember or I am trying to forget one of the 15K runs last year. I had no energy at all. It was like running with one of my cylinders busted. People were passing me and I just could not respond. This happens to all of us.

    Regards Mark

  7. We are all an experiment of one. Running, even for veterans and newbies, is trial and error.

    Good luck next time.

  8. Hey dindo thanks for posting our pic, tried to push you at the 15k mark but I guess it was not one of your best days, we all do right?

  9. Every race is a learning experience… a great teacher for every runner. See you at the race! Ang bibilis nyo nga eh! Mara pang 21k to break PRs. God bless!

  10. workaholicrunner

    In running you have to have a short memory.

  11. hi this is mayi. i certainly know the ups and downs of running and life but hey you did it. congrats and see you around the neighborhood.

  12. Hey Dindo,

    I don’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing, what my post did to you 😛

    Anyhow, AMEN to what you said.

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