Letter to Ninang Cory

Dearest Ninang Cory,

Much has been said about you, your character, your legacy and the difference that you have made for this country and the world. They will always be a source of inspiration to all of us Filipinos.

We are very fortunate that we also had the opportunity to meet you up close when you agreed to stand as our ninang in our wedding. We remember best your advice to “always bring out the best in each other”. And so we could better appreciate this message, you shared with us how you brought out the best in Ninoy and how Ninoy brought out the best in you. Your life was a testament to how you lived up to this ideal. We will do our best to live up to that standard and impart those same lessons to our children, as well as be an example to other couples. You may have passed from this world but your memory will always live on.

Your inaanak,
Dindo and Malou



5 responses to “Letter to Ninang Cory

  1. She will definitely be missed. And for many of us who lived to witness her legacy, she will never be forgotten.

  2. she definetly touched the lives of many filipinos.

  3. You’re blessed to have known her and to have received good counsel from her. What a privelege!

  4. Your ninang ang ninong are icons of Philippine democracy. Continue what they stood for!

  5. I saw you nga running that Wed morning while Jam and I were on our way to the burial mass. We are really privileged that she was a part of our lives.

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