Nathan Speed 4 Review

I had been on the lookout for an alternative to my TNF Xenon waist pack and the Nathan Speed 4 was my top choice based on online reviews and storage capacity. The only problem was it wasn’t available in Manila. I visited several local stores in the past but they only had the 2-bottle version. I didn’t want to order this online since I couldn’t decide whether to get the small or medium size; I needed to fit this first before deciding.

Thankfully, I finally found the Speed 4 at that candy store for runners, Runnr. At Php1,595, the price is comparable to, excluding delivery charges.

The Speed 4 is ideal for runs of 16km or longer. Its 4 bottles store up to 1.2 liters of water, more than my Xenon, but since the weight is distributed among 4 bottles, it actually feels lighter. The bottles fit snugly, didn’t bounce, and could easily slide in and out of the holster with one hand while running. With my Xenon, I had to tighten it quite a bit around my waist so the bottles wouldn’t bounce. The Nathan’s belt is wider compared to the Xenon and is made of stretch material so it felt a lot more comfortable. No more chafing around the waist!

The Nathan has 2 pockets: a small pocket in front that will fit your keys or a gel pack and a larger one in the rear that will fit a cell phone, money, ID, and a couple more gel packs. I like that the rear pocket had a divider to keep stuff organized. I once experienced powdered fig newtons in my Xenon that found its way into every nook and crevice of my cell phone- my car key bounced around in my pouch, punching a hole in the plastic bag where I kept my snack and slowly grinding my fig newtons. I found out too late many kilometers into my run! No chance of that happening with the Nathan though.

The only feature I would’ve wished for is a roomier rear pouch. Although there is sufficient space for most supplies, I sometimes bring along a camera separate from my cellphone, for you know, snapping pics at the races so I could post them in the blog.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the Nathan Speed 4 and I’m glad it’s finally available locally.

nathan speed 4


2 responses to “Nathan Speed 4 Review

  1. They’re now out of stock. Runnr, Athlete’s Foot and Planet Sports are not sure as to when they will be available. 😮

    Do you know other stores where I can buy?

    • I read in another blog that Toby’s also carried this model. Given the popularity of running, I suppose they’ll be ordering more.

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