T – 16 weeks

Today marks the start of another 16-week countdown to the first ever Condura full marathon scheduled on February 7, 2010.

I’ve printed out my new training program from Runner’s World Smart Coach and I’m ready to go. Smart Coach now conveniently allows you to select distance and pace in metric system so I don’t need to convert these manually anymore. The paces that Smart Coach crunched out seem reasonable, especially now that weather is a bit cooler in the morning. I’m just wary of the long runs I’ll need to do around the Christmas holidays, when I’m sure it will be a mental struggle to get out of bed and hit the road.

See you all at the Condura starting line!


20 responses to “T – 16 weeks

  1. Yo DATC, the runners world training won’t fail you. Xty got her training there. Just follow it religiously and add hills. Good luck.

  2. workaholicrunner

    Good luck on your February marathon and make sure you post your weekly training in your blog.

  3. Ayos. Sabay tayo. Got the training plan from RW too. Goodluck to us all. 😀

  4. Can I join the bandwagon? haha. =) Go, go, go, Dindo!

  5. Sali din ako. I want to do the Condura Full next year. Good Luck sa atin lahat.

    Regards Mark

  6. Hi Dindo, wish you the best on your training! I guess we’re all for the full come February. Just started training too! See you at the starting! The more the merrier!

  7. Good luck and February is a nice month to run a marathon. I hope to see you there.

  8. Hi Dindo. Want to start training too. Since we live in the same area, am wondering where do you do your intervals?

    • Mayi, I just do intervals along my normal route at AHVA. I just set my garmin to auto lap at 800m, then I do 1600m repeats with 800m rest, at the prescribed paces by Smart Coach.

  9. Ok then. Just hoping to find a flat 400 m route. Good luck in your training.

  10. How’s the trainning coming along? aside from organizing the Condura race i am also participating in the Marathon. so good luck to us. any target finish time?

  11. dindo! look! may snowflakes na ulit our blogs. 😀

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