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Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….

I was at SLEX last night when I saw this:

timex billboard

So who’s that guy beside Coach Rio? 🙂

Coincidentally, this will be my wife’s first time to join a race. I finally got my wife to register! I wonder why…


Join the Rescue Run on October 10, Saturday

No one can be apathetic and do nothing in the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy. I’m sure we all did our share by contributing our time or donating goods and/or money through the different organizations helping out. Here’s one more way we can help while doing what we all love to do: running.


TRR is an organized run where, in lieu of registration fees, donations will
be collected for the distance you will run. This is not a race so there will
be no souvenir t-shirts, no swag bags, no finishers medals, and no prize

There will be no water stations since we believe that water must be given to
those who need it most: victims of Ondoy. Needless to say, it will be KKB
(kanya kanyang bote or kanya kanyang belt)

A registered participant will receive a RESCUE RUNNERS race bib, which the
runner can wear during the race and in sustaining events currently being
planned for the entire month of October to raise funds for rehabilitation.
(Info will be posted on this blog)

October 10, 2009, Saturday
Assembly: 5:30 a.m.
Race start: 6:30 a.m.

DISTANCES: 3km, 5km, 10k

Individual: P200 for any distance
Corporate: P5,000 for 20 runners

VENUE: SM Mall of Asia

– open to all athletes, their families and friends
– anyone who is willing to help while getting a few minutes of exercise
– participants are encouraged to collect pledges from their family or
friends who cannot make it to the event

All proceeds will be donated to the Philippine National Red Cross for the
Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) victims. Our goal is to help provide a continuous
supply of food and water to the stricken areas.

We are in need of volunteers for road marshals and secretariat. If you are
interested, pls. contact: RESCUE RUNNERS | 0917 -8374204 | 02-2168521 |

Starts October 5, 2009 at the following venues:
– The SecondWind Running Store (Maginhawa St., UP Village)
– Recreational Outdoor eXchange (ROX, Bonifacio High Street)
– All Terra Bike Shop (Club 650, Libis)
* There will be on site registration starting 5:30 a.m.


Effort comes in many forms. Not everyone has access to go to a relief or
evacuation center to help out. While everyone wants to help or pitch in,
their jobs, families and other factors make it difficult for them to do so.
We are organizing the run as a means to help. ItÂąs purely voluntary.

Meager resources are poured into the effort. This run is a no-frills run.
The only add-ons such as the tents, p.a. system and race bibs are
contributions from volunteers that will help in organizing the run, nothing

Help isnÂąt a one-time, big-time effort. Undoubtedly, help is needed
immediately. But with the extent of devastation that the floods have
caused, the need for aid could be overwhelming. Instant relief wonÂąt give
people their homes back. The victims still need the means to rehabilitate
damaged property and rebuild their homes. That takes time and a steady
stream of resources. The Rescue Run is a means to help in that regard. We
hope to be able to provide aid in other ways down the line­be it through
food, rehabilitation or construction material.

Visit THE RESCUE RUNNERS website at

Letter to Ninang Cory

Dearest Ninang Cory,

Much has been said about you, your character, your legacy and the difference that you have made for this country and the world. They will always be a source of inspiration to all of us Filipinos.

We are very fortunate that we also had the opportunity to meet you up close when you agreed to stand as our ninang in our wedding. We remember best your advice to “always bring out the best in each other”. And so we could better appreciate this message, you shared with us how you brought out the best in Ninoy and how Ninoy brought out the best in you. Your life was a testament to how you lived up to this ideal. We will do our best to live up to that standard and impart those same lessons to our children, as well as be an example to other couples. You may have passed from this world but your memory will always live on.

Your inaanak,
Dindo and Malou


Good Luck and Happy Birthday to Workaholic Runner!

On the eve of his 37th birthday, Workaholic Runner will be running the San Francisco Marathon. Good luck and happy birthday dude! Don’t work too hard!

I’ve known Workaholic Runner for around 28 years, here’s proof:


After being away for almost 20 years, WR is finally visiting Manila later this year. See you around and hope to run with you.

Back to the Drawing Board

Now that the euphoria over Milo has died down and I’m about to resume regular training, it’s time to reassess my performance and strategy in order to do better in the next marathon. My only goal in Milo was to cross the finish line but next time, I will have a time goal.

I graphed my Milo pace, my last long run prior, and a 5-hour target pace. I thought I went out too fast in the first half, as can be seen in the graph. I was running 15-20 seconds faster per kilometer than a 5-hour goal pace. I think that contributed to my bonking on the latter half, as can be clearly seen from kilometer 26 onwards when I walked a lot. I could’ve done better from km 26-30 but I was sandbagging for the uncharted territory beyond km 32. Obviously, I needed all the extra energy I could use.

marathon pace

I can’t help but think that if I ran the first 25 km slower, I would’ve probably done better the 2nd half of my run. In my next few long runs, I’ll experiment with running a consistent slow pace the 1st half and see how much energy I’ll have in the last few kilometers to come up with some negative splits. I was able to accomplish this in my last 32k long run when I gave it my all in the last 2k. This of course presupposes that I can avoid hitting the wall at around km. 30. The strategy is easier said than done, I have a long way to go in building endurance to execute to the plan.

Milo Countdown

I’m getting ready, getting readddyyy!!!
Oh boy, what a day it’s gonna be!!!

It’s just a little over a week before Milo and I can’t wait. I’ve completed all my training runs and I only have a couple of easy 5k runs left to do next week and a relatively short 8 mile easy run this Sunday. If I were a rice cooker, I’d just be on Keep Warm mode until the big day.


I can’t help but feel a little nervous though, like the student who feels he hasn’t studied hard enough for the final exams the following day. During my long runs, I usually felt quite exhausted so I’m not sure how I’m going to fare when I run the last 10k on July 5 purely on adrenaline. It doesn’t help that I belatedly realized that there’s a 5 hour cut-off in order for my name to appear in the finisher’s list.

Oh well, I just take comfort that more experienced runners say it’s better to be under- than overtrained going into the marathon. I’d be happy just to complete 42k, no matter what the time.

Botak 42K: Matira Matibay

A few weeks ago, Bards texted me if I wanted to do a 42K long run in the Botak Paa-tibayan marathon. I thought it was a crazy idea since I had just then started my 16-week training program for the July Milo marathon and I felt I wouldn’t be ready. Just when I convinced myself to give it a try, I realized that the run would fall on a Mother’s Day and I would have to be in Pampanga for a Mother’s Day lunch. I checked my training schedule and my Smart Coach said I was to do a 20 mile run that day anyway and so I planned at least that distance for that morning and end my run at Rockwell.

At 4:32AM, runners were still assembling and there was no sign of any starting program whatsoever. No music from the loudspeakers, no announcer to signal the start of the race, nothing. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that the emcee came up on stage to introduce the race organizer who described the route for us. Up this point I had my doubts about the kind of water support and marshals for the race since the route had a lot of turns, but the organizer promised water stations every 2 kms for the first 25 kms and every 1 km thereafter. He also promised a lot of marshals and enumerated a long list of organizations that were supporting the race, including the MMDA, Makati Police and several other volunteer groups. The starting gun was finally fired at 4:58AM.

Starting Line

Starting Line

I kept pace with Bards and Ria throughout the whole run, except a section where minutes after taking 2 bites of my Snickers bar, I felt stomach cramps and I had to find a bathroom super fast. It was a good thing that my support car was nearby and I had to ride the car up to McKinley Hill to find the nearest fastfood store. Before riding the car though, I took off my race bib should anyone spot me and report me as a “cheater”. After relieving myself of my tension, I spotted Bards and Ria again coming up Lawton and we ran together again.

Tight group after the first 5k

Tight group after the first 5k

Around km. 25 along Buendia, we came across a “36 km” sign and the guy manning the spot insisted it really was 36km. The funny thing is less than a kilometer after that was the 26km turnaround point at the intersection of Pasong Tamo. We expected we should’ve turned right towards Ayala Ave. towards Makati Ave., as printed on the race map but instead, we were directed to turn left to Ayala Ave. extension instead and towards South Ave. then right to Kalayaan Ave. heading to Rockwell. The last water station we encountered was at Buendia and there were no cups at that point. Fortunately, the support vehicle of the Fort Striders offered water and ice to all the runners along Kalayaan Ave. and they were a huge lifesaver as many had been without water for several kilometers already and it was already quite hot.

Energetic Bards at around km. 22

Energetic Bards at around km. 22

When we finally got to Rockwell, it was already well beyond my personal cut-off time of 8:30AM since I had to get home and get ready for a Mother’s Day lunch at Pampanga. With the 32km reading on my Garmin, I decided to call it a day. I actually was disappointed that I didn’t have time to run anymore since I noticed that I didn’t feel as tired as I usually would when I’d run close to this distance in the past. That must be a sign that my training is starting to pay off. However, I will need to experiment with different foods on a run to find a type that won’t give me stomach cramps. Anyhow, I’ve got another 20-miler in my schedule 2 weeks from now and I can’t wait to get out on the road again.

Special thanks to Bards and the T2 gang especially Harry and Vince for sharing their vehicles for the support crew. It would have been next to impossible to run that distance without you guys.

Congratulations also to Bards for beating her Singapore marathon time by close to an hour! Way to go Bards, ang tibay mo!

What I liked:
– Good quality personalized singlet, although I didn’t get to claim mine at R.O.X. and unfortunately I will never wear it since I didn’t finish the race.

What could be improved:
– Start on time
– A clearer and more detailed race map, given the many turns
– Deliver on the basics: Water stations with cups and water and marshals to guide runners
– A route that doesn’t pass through a busy highway like C-5