My 2008 Races

My 2008 races

My 2008 races

I originally targeted to run 1 race per month when I started out in January.  I am on track so far – I’ve joined 11 races and I’ve registered for the New Balance at Clark on November 16 for my last race for the year.


4 responses to “My 2008 Races

  1. SFrunner will be joining the New Balance Power Race in Nov. 16, 2008. That’s enough reason for me to train 10k so I could see him and the other runner bloggers. Hope to see you there too.

  2. Yes, I’m planning to join that race in November. That’s what running is about – challenging yourself to improve and do better every race.

  3. workaholicrunner

    Ako rin. I want to be like you … one race a month in 2008. So far I’ve had 6 half marathons and 1 marathon as of July. I am planning to run a half marathon in August, another half in September, and a full in October. I don’t know though if I can get to more in November and December. I’m running out of vacations days.

    I’ve identified at least 3 more races I’d like to join this year – the 10k Nike Human Race, the 21K Adidas King of the Road, and an odd 25k New Balance. I’m still short 1 race to meet my target but I’m hoping to find something in December.

  4. workaholicrunner

    December should be a great month for races in the Philippines because of the cooler weather. I hope you find something.

    I am thinking of doing a half marathon in Las Vegas in December. I’ve got an aunt who lives there half the year and has been bugging me to visit her in Las Vegas because she’s got some free hotel rooms at the Venetian. Ang daming Pinoy sa Las Vegas … she does not even need to cook. Bumibili lang sa mga Pilipino ng pagkain.

    In November, I will be in China. So I might just have to do what they call a “turkey trot.” This is typically a short race (less than 10k) held during Thanksgiving day. People eat so much over the Thanksgiving holiday. The turkey trots are a way to not gain so much weight. The race organizers give a free pumpkin pie ($5 to $8 in the grocery) to all race finishers.

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