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Double Race Weekend


I’ve never run back to back races before but last weekend I was faced with 2 races that I both wanted to join. I was already set to run Milo but I couldn’t ignore the Rescue Run, given that its a charity run that will help out the Ondoy victims. Plus, I’ve never run in MOA and I was curious about the flat course by the sea. I signed up to do the 10K.

I was planning to do a tempo paced run but I didn’t pay enough attention during the route briefing so when the race started, I realized I didn’t know where to go so I had to run faster to keep sight of the pace car.

A bit past halfway into the race, Vener, who was a marshal, encouraged me that I was in 11th place so I upped my pace a bit and I managed to overtake some runners. I ended up running faster than expected, although it was slightly short of my PR. I was conscious of saving enough strength for Milo the following day.

All in all, the Rescue Run was a new and enjoyable experience but more importantly, there was a good turnout of runners who all contributed to a good cause.


I had my doubts about starting in Milo. I didn’t get to rest after the Rescue Run and I was tired from being up and about the rest of Saturday, and besides, I ended up with a 10k bib, although I was really looking to do a 21k training run. To top it all, I also didn’t know what time the race would start. I thought these were signs that I shouldn’t even bother showing up but I knew that if I didn’t push myself, I’d never get a training run in that day and I’d hate myself for it.

To make a long story short, I was at the Rizal monument by 5:00 AM and it turns out that the start time for the 21k was 5:30. Surprisingly, my run went better than expected. My legs were not sore as they tend to be after a faster than usual run. I also met up with Jaymie at the start and I ran at a chika pace with her for the most part.

I particularly enjoyed the aid station of takbo.ph where I took an apple slice from Milo finals qualifier i2runner Natz. I thought the apple was particularly juicy and refreshing until I learned the day after that it was actually kept in pineapple juice to keep it from turning brown! Although I didn’t avail of the leg massage from the volunteers, the whiff of efficascent oil was stimulating enough to give me an extra push too.

Around the 17k mark, the sun was shining bright already and I was starting to feel worn down, and I was blaming it on my 10k the previous day. I told Jaymie to go ahead and push her pace, knowing how she was training for a marathon this December. On the other hand, I took it easy for a kilometer or two before I resumed my training pace.

I finished at an estimated 2:17, which is a guesstimate since I forgot to start my garmin immediately during the start of the race and I didn’t bother to run through the chutes, since I was wearing a 10k bib. It was a so-so racing time but a good training run for me. I didn’t expect that I could actually run two races over the weekend.

Thanks to Photovendo for the great pics!

Thanks to Photovendo for the great pics!