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A different PR

I recently completed my 3rd executive check-up in as many years. My executive check-up in 2007 was significant to me since that was my wake up call to start exercising; eventually, that led to my running and racing.

I don’t realy look forward to getting poked and probed all over but I like doing the stress test, more commonly called the “treadmill test”.

The particular test the clinic makes me perform is is called the modified Bruce protocol stress test. The test consists of 3-minute stages on a treadmill where each stage becomes exponentially more difficult as the treadmill speeds up and the incline increases. The test is stopped when the patient cannot go further or hits the maximum heart rate. The heart functions, blood pressure, heart rate are all monitored throughout the test.

mod Bruce

Basing on the speeds indicated above, it may not seem very fast but the 20% incline was pretty steep, comparable maybe to the steepest inclines at Maarat and nothing like the hills I’d normally encounter. Stage 6 felt like 10k race pace and Stage 7 felt like running 400m at maximum effort.

In 2007, I was able to complete half of stage 6, before I started running. Last year, I did half of stage 7 and the other weekend, I completed stage 7, a new PR! I actually felt I could go on to stage 8 for a bit more but I’m sandbagging for next year’s check-up 🙂


Cool Running

I was supposed to do an 8k easy run this morning, my last run before NB this Sunday.  When I stepped out of the house at 5:15AM, the weather was so cool, probably the coldest this whole year.  I set out to do my run and I was immediately running faster than usual.  I tried to slow down since this was just an easy run after all but it almost felt effortless so I speeded up again, about 30 to 45 seconds faster than my easy pace.  My easy run turned into a tempo.  If I could only get more detailed info about the temperature and humidity, I’d be posting correlation graphs about my pace, heart rate and weather.

The weather must have been 23 or 24 degrees, like being in an airconditioned room.  I notice that temperature is a sort of sweet spot for me, where I don’t get tired as easily and I feel like I can keep going and going.  Now if only this weather will hold up to Sunday…

To the 25km runners on Sunday – don’t forget to pick up your RFID Timing Chips at the CDC Museum from Nov 15(1:30pm) till Nov 16 (4:00am).  CDC Musem is right in front of the starting line, at the eastern side of the parade ground.

VSO Race Recap

I treated this race more as a training run leading up to NB in Clark next week.  In fact I intended to run an extra 5K after the 15K at VSO so I could build up some mileage.


 Mentally, I wasn’t really that prepared.  I ran an easy 5K the night before the race, which I had never done before so I was worried that my legs would be tired this morning.  I also was hardly able to eat breakfast.  I normally can run a 10k with only coffee in my tummy but I try to eat something more substantial for longer runs.  I managed to eat a banana with peanut butter at home but I’m accustomed to eating a cheeseburger before my long runs.


At the starting pen, I met a lot of friends so it felt more like a cocktail party than a race.  I met for the first time SF Runner Wayne, Levy, Councilor Doray, Nora as well as Jonel, Mark, Tiffin, Doc Joe, Wilbert, Jaymie, Jay, Jun C, Mon, Ed, Ting, and Rico who turned out lives quite near my house. 


After the starting gun was fired, I found myself running alongside Doray and Jay, with Jaymie and Jun C just a few steps ahead of us.  We settled at a 6:00 to 6:15 min/km pace.  As we approached the turnaround at the end of Bayani road, Jay sped up to run with Levy.  Doray and I were able to catch up with Jaymie and Jun C at Heritage Park and the four of us ran together until we reached km 12 at McKinley Hill.  It was at that point that I felt the effect of trying to maintain my 6:00 pace going up MKH.  My legs were quite fatigued when I got to the 12km turnaround.  I eventually slowed down and at km 13, the 3 of them were already about 150m ahead of me and I couldn’t catch up.  At that point I walked and tried this new brand of gel I got from a bike shop.  I almost threw up from the slightly rough texture of the banana flavored gel that felt like pureed banana.    Next time my strategy should be to consciously slow down on the uphill to conserve enough energy to catch up on the downhill.


When I got back to Lawton, I slowed my pace a bit so I could have enough reserve for the finish.  Along the way I saw Mark who was telling everyone to stay in the middle lane and away from the sidewalk since there a lot of higad hanging from the trees.  True enough there were dozens of higad that I was able to avoid, thanks to Mark.  A google search revealed that the higad’s scientific name is Euproctis, a kind of moth.  The larval form looks like a caterpillar with a lot of hair.  The hair breaks off on skin contact and causes nasty allergic rashes.


I crossed the finish line in 1:35.  It wasn’t my best time but not bad either, as I expected that I would do 1:40 to 1:45.  Except for a section in McKinley, I was able to maintain a tempo pace throughout.  Kudos to Coach Rio for another well-organized race.  The water was bottled and Rush was overflowing throughout the race.  In fact, I hardly touched my water belt this time.


Instead of mingling with the other runners after the race, I joined Jaymie, Jun C and Jay in our targeted 5K easy run.  During this run, I finally met BroJ with his wife who were on their way home.  BroJ didn’t run since he was still recovering from the flu but took pictures instead.  After a 1.75km loop around Serendra, I was ready to call it quits though since the sun was shining bright and my legs were still tired from the race.  Jaymie and Jun C followed suit but Jay continued his run.


I still managed to catch the tail-end of the awarding ceremony and I chatted with other bloggers like Vener and High Altitude.  I also finally met Jinoe and Quennie who set a new MR.  I also saw the lucky recipient of Wayne’s Asics running shoes that looked hardly used at Bald Runner’s Donate-A-Shoe booth.


From my talks with the other runners, it seems that most if not all will be running at New Balance in Clark next week.  Congratulations to the finishers today and see you all at Clark!

Running vs. Jogging?

In the neighborhood where I run, I always see this guy. He wears a white round neck t-shirt, knee length khaki shorts, and trail hiking shoes. He doesn’t use any gadget or watch and neither does he carry hydration of any kind. Everytime I see him, he must be running at a 5:30min/km pace and he’s got great athletic form.

I, on the other hand, am garbed in my technical moisture-wicking singlet, short runner shorts, running-specific socks, and stability shoes. I have my Garmin 305 on one wrist, roadID on the other wrist, and my nike+ ipod kit is tucked into my hydration belt. And I run at a blazing pace of 7:00min/km.

So what is the difference between a runner and a jogger again?

Run Against Pain – October 18, 2008

When PC and I bought our Xenon waist packs at R.O.X., we bumped into April who told us about this event she’s organizing.  The event is for the benefit of the Pain Society of the Philippines.

EVENT: Run Against Pain (in celebration of Global Day Against Cancer Pain, for the Benefit of the Pain Society of the Philippines)
DATE: October 18, 2008
START 6:00 A.M.

VENUE: Quirino Grandstand, Roxas Boulevard
DISTANCE: 1KM walk; 8KM run

1,888 runners

ANTA, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(For a PHP1,000 purchase, your registration fee is waived)

0921 410 00 11


April Lee (EventZone)

P 250


Sign up at ANTA, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


Men’s Open
1st – PHP8,000
2nd – PHP4,000
3rd – PHP2,000

Women’s Open
1st – PHP8,000
2nd – PHP4,000
3rd – PHP2,000

Men’s Junior Veteran, Men’s Senior Veteran, & Women’s Veteran
1st – PHP2,000

Too Much of a Good Thing

When the engine of a car is souped up and upgraded with added horsepower, other key components of the car must be upgraded as well. The brakes need more stopping power, and the suspension system must be able to handle all the added stress on the chassis of the car.

It’s the same case with running. I was out for a long run last weekend and although I’ve built up my endurance for 2 ½ to 3 hour runs, I had all these aches and pains from my instep, to my shins and quadriceps, and after my run, my lower back.

When I started, I wasn’t feeling my best since I was already experiencing sore muscles the whole week but I was able to manage at my usual pace. By km14 though, I already had to take frequent walking breaks, even on a gentle downhill portion. I planned to run at least 24km that day but much as I hate to admit it here, I gave up at 21km. I was 3 km from the car and I had to walk back slowly and painfully the rest of the way.

I pored over my running log to figure out what could have gone wrong. I realized that I had run at least 19km or more the past 6 out of 8 weekends. The last 3 weekends’ distances were 24, 23, and 21km. Before those long runs, I did the Nike 10k race. The only other Sunday that I did 10km, I planned to run 20km but my legs felt so heavy that I cut short my run. Up until now, my quads are sore and can still feel my shin splints.

Although the LSD is my favorite run of all, I realized I needed to do cutbacks more often. I also need to strengthen my leg and core muscles and do more stretching after my runs. I usually do just a few perfunctory stretches but I need to get more serious with this. I’ve got to bring out that hardly-used stretching book that Patrick recommended before. This will also be a good time to cross train and bring out my bike once again and TRY doing laps at the neighborhood pool.

24K Sunday

I would’ve joined Bards, Mesh and Prometheus Cometh in their Bonifacio long run last Sunday but my schedule suddenly changed so I had to run at Clark instead. To make it a virtual run, I promised myself to run their planned distance and pace: 24km at 6:30 to 7:00 min/km pace.

Pre-Run Ritual: I started with the breakfast of champions: Jollibee cheeseburger! Probably not the healthiest breakfast but I had done this a couple of times before and I always had enough energy to complete my long runs, so what the heck. It was also pretty convenient to get at the 24-hour drive-through before entering Clark.

Run Proper: I planned to run at the route I mapped out a couple of weeks ago: 2 loops of a 12km route that began at the parade ground. The plan was to take a cold drink at my car and refill my water belt after the 1st loop. As I began, the sky was overcast and weather was cool, probably 26 degrees, perfect for a long run. I was able to complete the 1st loop feeling quite fresh. I took my sport drink at the car and also refilled my belt. As I set out again, it was noticeably warmer and I started taking a lot more of my drink during the early part of loop 2. Before I knew it, I was almost out of fuel with 7 kilometers to go. I just took small sips until km 20 where I completely emptied my bottles. Fortunately the last 4 km was on a shady road but as I hit km 23, I was already so thirsty. I struggled but I just pushed myself to finish off 24km before I hit the stop buttons on my gadgets.

Cool Down: I was still about 800m away from the car when I reached 24k so the walk back was my cool down. I was getting hungry and very thirsty so I started eating the fig newtons that I had in my pocket. My mouth was so dry that it took me quite a long time just to consume 1 piece, since my mouth wasn’t salivating anymore and the food remained quite dry even as I chewed it. I felt like it took forever to get to the car and when I did, I quickly consumed 1 liter of liquid.

Lessons learned: If I am to start running these distances, I’ll have to either carry around a bottle of water aside from my water belt, or better yet, I’ll invest in a Camelbak, just like Bald Runner 🙂 Otherwise, I’ll be constrained to run shorter loops so that I can make more frequent pitstops at my car.

Update 9/9/08: Got a North Face Xenon waist pack at R.O.X. today.  Comes with 2 500ml bottles and a comfortable looking waist strap.  Got a 10% discount too, thanks to the Nike Human Race bib, sweet! (Thanks Coach Rio!)  Prometheus Cometh was with me and he ended up buying this too, hehe…